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Marketing Lists

Marketing Lists

As email is an integral part of most peoples’ lives, marketing lists are like gold for internet marketers. Of course, email marketing should not be abused and you must carefully construct emails so that people pay attention to it.


Can You Make Money With Email Marketing With a List?


You can certainly make money with a marketing list if you approach it the right way. There is a reason why lists are worth money and companies are still sending out emails. As it is a very old part of the internet, methods have to be adapted as users are used to mailing spam.


Having your own product to sell, whether physical or digital, would be a good start to monetizing emails. You will have to find out what your demographic wants and create a useful product with a great sales pitch. Ideas may include books, online coaching or drop-shipping Chinese products related to the niche.


Another tactic is to send off rounds of emails to previous buyers that have empty shopping carts or unresolved customer support tickets. This has a very high chance of conversion than cold-calling random people.


Is Direct Mail an Effective Marketing Strategy?


If done correctly, you can make lots of sales within certain demographics. Especially if you get a hold of targeted marketing lists, you should get a hold of at least some of the recipients.


In comparison to general marketing methods, using direct mail is actually easier to process for customers and is more direct. This assumes that your email resonates with the reader and provides some sort of value instead of being marketing spam.


A well-written email is also more memorable than other forms of advertising, which may help of brand loyalty is the goal. This is why emails should be consistent, on-point with the target audience and doesn’t give off a vibe that it’s a blatant advertisement. If you get marketing lists for targeted niches, it would make this even easier.


Also assuming that the person’s inbox doesn’t receive a high volume of emails, the response rate is also quicker than social media. Just take a look at your Twitter feed and you’ll notice how insignificant most posts seem.


How do I Grow a Mailing List?


Starting a mailing list from scratch is not easy but it helps if you have an existing social media or blog presence. Instead of thinking of a mailing list as people wanting to buy stuff, think of it as establishing a personal relationship with potential customers. Instead of coming off strong, provide useful information that even you would appreciate.


If you have a website, make sure that there is a clear sign-up for form for emails. When users make certain action on your website, like finishing an article, this would be a good moment for a pop-up email opt-in to be presented.



As you work on your Email marketing strategy, you may efficiently use your marketing lists to their full potential. If you are in need of targeted emails, get in touch with us to see what we currently offer.

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